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At the Ridgewood Vehicle Company, we have spent over 50 years in the business, providing quality collision repair to each and every one of our customers. One of the many services we offer is automobile refinishing. Our Bergen County auto painting technicians are experts in the field and have all the best tools and facilities to get the job done right. We were one of the first shops in the area to switch to waterborne paint, and currently use "Sikkens" products. We use specialized curing equipment to ensure that the application goes smoothly and that the results are high-quality, durable and help to improve the appearance of your car.

When it comes to formula retrieval and mixing we use a computerized scale to guarantee the accuracy in color matches. No matter which make, model or year your car happens to be, we can find the factory paint that fits its color to perfection. All auto paint work in Bergen County is completed in a paint booth or downdraft prep station to ensure that no outside pollutants can enter. Intake air is pre-filtered through operating room grade media to keep the work stations clean. Both spaces are heated, making it easy to apply an even coat of the formula. All of these factors mean one thing: your car will leave our shop looking like new, with a beautiful, even, high quality paint job.

When it comes to a Bergen County auto paint job, you are better off leaving it to the experts. At Ridgewood Vehicle Company, we have years of experience working with a diverse range of cars performing a variety of different repair work. When it comes to auto painting, we promise you will be pleased with the results. For more information and answers to all of your questions, give our friendly crew a call today at 201-445-6137.